GEC® is the Leading Equipment Broker to buy and sell concrete paving equipment. We buy and sell a wide selection of used GOMACO equipment, parts, components, and curb and gutter and curb profile insert molds. Whether you are looking for a quality used machine or parts to keep your present fleet up and running, you can find what you need in our stock.

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Used Equipment Inventory (Updated January 2019)

GOMACO Curb & Gutter
Commander III 2 in stock)
GT-6300 (4 in stock)
GT-3600 (17 in stock)
GT-3400 (1 in stock)
Commander II
(1 in stock)

GT-3200 (1 in stock)

GOMACO Trimmers & Placers
9500 (4 in stock)
9000 (2 in stock)

GOMACO Placer/Spreaders
PS-4000 (1 in stock)

GOMACO Cylinder Finishers
C-750 (1 in stock)

GOMACO Concrete Slipform Pavers
GP-4000 (1 in stock)
GHP-2800 (3 in stock)
GP-2600 (2 in stock)
GP-3000 (3 in stock)

IDBI (1 in stock)

GOMACO Texture/Cure Machines
T/C-600 (3 in stock)

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Curb & Gutter Machine
S/N: 907100-079

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News At Godbersen Equipment Company
Refurbishing Program/Customer
Rebuild Program

Did you know you can send in your GOMACO machines to GEC for a tune-up? The level of service is decided by you. The tune-up can involve basic upkeep, such as reworking a gearbox, to a complete machine overhaul. Click here to learn more about GEC's refurbishing program and the customer rebuild program.

Contact Jeff Rasmussen at GEC for your refurbishment needs.

Curb & Gutter and Curb Profile Insert Molds Available

GEC offers a wide variety of curb and gutter and curb profile insert molds. Contact Jeff Rasmussen at GEC for additional details.

GEC's Facilities

GEC includes a 20,000 square foot facility (long building on the left). It has an in-house media sandblaster, more storage capabilities and expanded work areas to meet the demands of working on all sizes of concrete construction machines, from small curb and gutter machines to larger highway pavers.

The office area and a workshop for component and vibrator repair is housed in GEC's second building (brick building on the right).

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