Job Title: Production Welder
Open Date: 03/25/2019
End Date: 05/31/2019

Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Company Match 401K, Short-Term Disability, Paid Time Off, Vacation Pay, Wellness Pay

Position Type: Full Time/ Hourly Pay Negotiable

Job Description: This person must possess the proper attitude, proven attendance and a minimum amount of practical or theoretical knowledge of GMAW. They will be expected to perform predictable, procedural tasks using their vision, motor skills and coordinated motions of the welding gun. When using the specified company drawings and standards, their welding must produce welds at minimally acceptable quality or above. This person is expected to work under supervision and perform some setting or adjustment of the welding equipment. They must have the ability to or achieve the ability to identify weld defects and notify supervisor when defects are present in their welds, preferably they will have the knowledge to repair their own weld defects.
This person must posses the ability to read a rule or tape measure in inches to a resolution of 1/32” (.032). Additionally they will have a working knowledge of common layout tools such as combination and framing squares. It will be expected that this person will advance in skill and knowledge to the point of being considered an Advanced Welder. This person must be able to speak, comprehend and have basic English language reading and writing skills. They will be expected to read and follow basic blueprints, safety and other written procedures with some assistance.

Job/Education Requirements: Minimum Welding Experience and Qualifications:

• Completion of at least 40 hours in a formal structured training program in GMAW

• Passage of the minimum company qualification welding test

The Preferred Experience In Addition To the Minimum Experience and Qualifications:

• Completion of 1 year technical or college program in welding with emphasis on GMAW

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